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Small, but incredibly diverse country that makes you fall in love at first sight.
Located right in the line between Europe and Asia, Georgia has incorporated all the best from the western and the eastern cultures. The country borders with Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, and its size is similar to Ireland.

Since the ancient times Georgia has been divided into regions, and each of them has its own culture, dances, character and sometimes even a language. Kakheti is famous with its wine and hospitality, Svaneti – with its high mountains, glaciers and lakes, Ajara – with modern resorts and subtropical forests, Samtskhe-Javakheti – with its fantastic landscapes and ancient fortress.

Even the most experienced travelers will find something they love: rafting in mountain rivers, hiking to glaciers, horse-riding and fishing, agro- and gastronomical tour, skiing and snowboarding, tours to ancient cities and fortresses – all of these are just a small part of Georgia has to offer to its guests.
The Georgian language is a language of the Kartvelian group of the Caucasian languages, accompanied by the Megrelian, the Svan and the Laz languages. The great variety of languages and dialects on such a small territory is related to isolation of the mountain villages in the Great Caucasus cloves.
Georgian writing is considered to be among the most ancient writing systems in the world. Its first alphabet, mrgvlovani, was created in the III century BC, nuskhuri is dated back to the IX century AD, and mkhedruli – to the XI century. The latest version was finally formed in the XV century. Nowadays, the alphabet consists of 33 letters: 5 vowels and 28 consonants, and the writing is read from left to right.
Table of average temperatures (°C) at the main Georgian resorts.
The climate of Georgia is transitional from the subtropical to moderate.
A large number of sunny days and mild climate in the plain areas are conditioned by the natural barrier at the North of Georgia: the Great Caucasus range protects it from the northern winds. Summers at the Black sea are hot and humid, but moderated by the sea breezes. An average temperature in July is +27°C, in January – around +5°C. In the mountainous areas winters are colder – up to -20°C with large amounts of snow.
The national currency is the Georgian lari. One lari consists of 100 tetris.
Only local currency can be used to pay for goods and services, also most hotels and restaurants accept cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard).
This is how payment terminals to top up the mobile phone balance look in Georgia.
Mobile services
Having arrived to Georgia, do not forget to buy a local SIM-card to save on the roaming costs and have permanent access to mobile services during your trip around the country. There are three mobile operators in the country: Magticom, Geocell and Mobitell (Beeline). You can buy a card right at the airport for 5 lari. The card is deactivated, if you leave the country for more than three months: another reason for not leaving Georgia for a long time.
You can top up your balance via the Pay Box terminals that can be found at any underground station and in many shops.
Most hotels and apartments in Georgia offer WiFi service, and in the capital there is even a free municipal WiFi network "Tbilisi Loves You" offering free access to the Internet to all who are in love with Tbilisi.
The check-point at the Turkish border
Citizens of Russia and a number of other countries are permitted to stay in Georgia for a year without any visa.
The entrance to the country is allowed with an international passport that is valid until the end of your stay.
Foreign citizens are not allowed to enter Georgia through Abkhazia and the South Osetia, also, you may be forbidden the country if there are any evidence of your previous visits to Abkhazia / the South Osetia.
Customs regulations
Foreign currency import to the country is not limited. Import of the national currency is limited to 25000 lari.
Export of the imported foreign currency is also allowed within a year since the date of import. Export of the national currency is limited to 3000 lari. Wine and other alcohol drinks can be only exported in the original factory package.
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