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Time for georgia !

We are a family-owned business, based in Georgia, operating from 2016y.
Together with a team of 8 guides and 6 drivers we provide high-quality guided tours around all parts of Georgia and Armenia.
Besides cultural tours, we offer different types of activities (quad-bikes, white-water rafting, trekking, hiking) as well as agro-tours, visiting and living in family-owned hotels or guesthouses.
We constantly update our partners' base and carefully study each destination (accomodation, food point, sight) included in our routes.
Our main goal is to show you real Georgia, so that you will love this country as much a we do.
How do we work?
You apply, we contact you
Fill in any form the contact form and don't forget to specify your contact phone and e-mail. Our team member will contact you to clarify the details.
We send you our offer
Depending on the complexity of your tour, it takes from an hour (for regular group tours) to three days (for individual tours).
Contract and prepayment
We sign the contract and you make a prepayment (Western Union/Paysend/Paypal/tranfer to our company account).
It's around 20% of the tour cost.
Welcome to Georgia!
A week before arrival we'll send you contact of the driver who will meet you at the airport.
After arrival, we meet you in the hotel.
Find more about the company from it's founders
Galina Razmadze
Tour manager, founder
I had a great passion for travel since I was a child. After entering university in Moscow, I travelled a lot around Europe and Russia. And only few years later I realised that Georgia was a real gem which was worth visit!
So I started to travel all around the country, discovering new places, opening new routes. My first tours were organised for friends in Russia, and soon my hobby turned into a work i loved. Supported by husband, we moved back to Tbilisi 2 years ago and opened a travel agency.
I am happy to realise that our company supports several families in different parts Georgia and gives lots of happy moments to our guests.
Alex Golovlev
Marketing manager
Our company is more than just a business, it's about our lifestyle, about our hobbies. Before launching a new tour, we go through it's route by our own: find best restaurants, guest houses, make new contacts with locals.
Our main Guides
5 years in tourism, speaks English and Russian
As I was born and grew up un Georgia, I really love this warm, and beatifull country. And my work helps me to share my love with guests and to open more and more of it's sides. During the tour I not only give information, but also do my best to answer any questions, to analyse, compare different facts and opinions. That makes the trip more interesting and rich.
2 years in tourism, speaks English and Russian
In my tours I try to show our guests how various our country is, to immerse them into our culture, traditions, show the beauty of its nature.
5 years in tourism, speaks English and Russian

Our principles

High Quality
Do even more than you promise!
In our work we always follow this rule and always try to surprise our guests as soon as there is a chance.
Tour planning
Arrange the tour as if it was for yourself.
Promise a lot and do even more In our work we always follow this rule and always try to surprise our guests as soon as there is a chance. Arrange the tour as if it were for yourself. We love to travel and find quiet and unusual places, hearty hosts, and try new delicacies. That is why we thoroughly plan and adjust every tour.
Trustfull partners
Our partners are our friends.
For years of our work we have met a lot of people who became our friends and we now entrust our guests only to hearty and proved hosts.
You can contact us:
+7 977 137 00 40 (Russia)
+ 995 557 52 97 19 (Georgia)
Time for Georgia travel company
Kote Meskhi str.14, Tbilisi, Georgia